You got it ALL

IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED? I see how accepting and unapologetic you are right now. IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?! Cuz ya got it, not just for you but for all of us. You got his cruelty to other cultures not just for you, but for my nephew & family living in Bangladesh. You got it not just for you and your daughters, granddaughters, but for my daughter. If they are are raped they MUST carry that baby to term, whether they are ready or not financially & physically & emotionally. If they have an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage that they are deemed to have affected, they can & will be interrogated investigated prosecuted, incarcerated, even executed. They will be traumatized at an already emotionally charged time in their lives, when they are dealing with a loss, they will be questioned and blamed, investigated to see if they contributed in any way to that "fetal death" maybe they played soccer a little too enthusiastically. maybe they fell. maybe nature just in its infinite implacable unswerving reality just decided this pregnancy is not viable. You got his crimes against humanity, his separation of families, of immigrant infants & children, of refugee innocents to never see their own family EVER again, to be placed for profit in other families or situations I can only pray are not domestic servitude, sexual exploitation or outright negligent indifference. He has done this and led to the death of at least 5 innocents in custody at the border. They are not cockroaches Dad. They are children. They are human, but not to him, not to you. They are not statistics, or threats to your paycheck, brother, your 4th recreation vehicle, your latest bike or quad or next cruise. They are babies, brother, but not to him, not to you. You got his indifference, outright hostility and mocking & disgust of the disabled, the ill, the infirm. You got his removal of all financial supports to the elderly, to the disabled, to the mentally ill. You got his stripping of funding for school programs for MY kids, your nephew & grandchild, their extra tech that lets them speak their brilliant insights instead of write because of their autism--that helps them with speech therapy, now gone from their schools, occupational therapy so he can even write his name legibly, now gone from his schools. They simply cannot afford it, the funding is gone thanks to Betsy Devos, the Devos family supporters & cohorts of you-know-who. I bet your private schools are doing just fine & right by your kids, mine have the public schools to look to, now bereft or support. You got his ties to Russia, loss of American jobs not to the Hispanic immigrants you feared, but to Russians, oligarchs who now fund & profit manufacturing plants in Kentucky. You were so afraid of illegals utilizing your tax dollars for welfare or schooling or healthcare that you drove them from the country, that HE drove them from our country from the fields they would harvest for us so our crops lay rotting in fields now while we pay 3 times the cost for produce. You got his tariffs on our goods so cost prohibitive that America has LOST the market, the contracts for poultry, soybeans, corn, and so much more to RUSSIA!!! to Putin! You got his dismantling of our voting process. His daughter's Chinese trademarks for voting machines we will pay for made not even in our country that will profit Ivanka. You got Russian meddling in our voting process, tampering with ballots. You got his MAGA racist white supremacist evangelical religious core supporters ready to jump into civil war to fight for him. You got his disrespect to veterans, his pardoning of convicted war criminals, a soldier who assaulted free civilians, who killed civilians in battle areas for shyeets & giggles. My brother who fought for our country, who laid his life on the line for us, for our freedoms, you got his diverting of funds for veterans to "the wall" You got his raising of taxes on military family benefits so your brothers in arms and their families are lessened. You got his refusal to show tax returns that would show his dirty deals with Russa, with NRA, with superPACs, with his cronies, with the DeVos & Koch family cabals of uber capitalism. You got his greed & self-interest to the extreme and to the detriment of our planet. You got his gutting of our food & drug & chemical safety safeguards, our water purity, our national forests & parks & lands. You got his slimy fire sale of our national resources to the highest bidder with all profits running to his coffers. You got his disdain & dismantling of our Congressional safeguards, our constitution, our judicial processes. You got his plan to do away with term-limits & become a permanent fixture, a tyrant despot KING of America. You got his mafia mob mentality of utter personal loyalty to him and NOT the flag, NOT the office, to the detriment of all that is honest & good & decent in our country. You got his spray-tans in the oval office, his sexual assaults, his adultery, his obstruction of justice, his intimidation of witnesses, his abuse of power, his traitorous treasonous conflicts of interest & quid pro quo with other despots like Putin, Mohammed bin Salman, Kim Jong-un & more. You wanted your right for another cruise? another boat? another RV? You want to pay for less cancer-screenings for women & children, less milk for hungry kids, less school supplies for teachers? for kids in need, like YOUR kin, your blood-relative? You wanted no mandated subsidized healthcare, no insurance for pre-existing conditions like epilepsy, autism, or diabetes? You got it all. You. Got. It. ALL.

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