Change begins now

Every moment we live, every thinking concept and minute of action or inaction matters. The world right now is a pretty chaotic nasty ball of confusion. Bigotry, Misogyny, Crimes against Humanity & the very dissolution of our constitutional values & processes are running roughshod today, this minute, this second.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed, almost paralyzed by the toxic environment we are living in right now on ALL levels of our existence, socially, morally, spiritually, medically, financially, physically & surely politically. Paralysis is a luxury however. One we cannot afford. Our present day and our children's futures are in harm's way as corrupt players on a global level dictate our lives in a sordid live version of Game Of Sultans. In America our leader smiles & grins as he madly slings fecal balls of diversion like a monkey, trying to distract us from what he is doing, what he and other world leaders are now uniting to enact. It is NO coincidence that he is surrounded by an everlasting gobstopper of sycophants, self-serving corrupt politicians, despots, corporate thugs, & privileged misogynist racist ghouls happy to feed off the misery, blood, sweat, tears, & struggles of the very people they are sworn to protect. No one of honor or compassion or humanity should stand complacent any longer. Act locally, globally and in every way at your disposal to stand up for what is right & true & just.

Shine a light on the shadows, name them, call them, do NOT look away. Stand up and stay strong for the values we once held dear as a nation, as neighbors, as pioneers, as innovators and survivors. We must not get distracted or disheartened or disillusioned. Change happens in a single moment, the space of a second, a word, a small deed, a seed of strength as a ripple becomes a wave becomes a Tsunami. Survive & thrive. Make every action count and hold accountable every action of the oppressors.

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