Updated: Apr 25, 2019

I am in sorrow, we HAVE lost our way, Adam Schiff is being falsely targeted by a corrupt slimy Russian Bought Putin's Fluffer President and his cronies. This is NOT OKAY! the GOP is now wholly complicit. Blood of innocents is on their hands as whole families and infants are rounded up at the border near El Paso kept in fenced in parking lots, denied all human rights or remedies. Children bought and sold in the human trafficking cesspool DeVos Family Adoption for Profit nightmare. The needs of our children the disabled and special needs are now being discarded from any school resources. The very safety and lives of our children is in terror and danger from gun violence with the NRAs chokehold on common sense gun safety laws. Vets are reviled and ignored and cast aside, the military is being plundered of its very lifeblood & marrow of finances to feed a ridiculous #FakeEmergency Border wall. Democracy and our rights are in tatters and our constitution is being treated as nothing less than a strand of toilet paper dragged ignominiously off the heels of Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump and their co-conspirators all supported by the most hateful bigoted white entitled extremists and rich elite Republicans. Our very air water and soil is endangered by climate change as the safety checks that once stood in the path of corrupt conglomerates from polluting and destroying our ecosystem are now cast aside and overseen by the amoral maggots that directly personally profit from the companies they are protecting. There is no going back. This will be the Auschwitz of our times, the legacy of horror and inhumanity and greed and anyone complicit in it has no shame. Anyone supporting it has no soul. Anyone standing by whether in fear of losing power privilege or authority, anyone turning a blind eye to this horrowshow, ANYONE standing silent as this Despotic REGIME erases any and all American rights and freedoms one by one. This is on you and History will judge you.Hell will come for you some day and you WILL be accountable.

Long LIVE TRUE AMERICA once free and brave

#DeVosferatu #TrumpCrimeSyndicate #TrumpTraitor

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