Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Things are getting dire and scary here in the United States Of Gilead, Oh wait! We are in AMERICA! not the dystopian nightmare world created by author Margaret Atwood in "The Handmaid's Tale".

We are now LIVING the Handmaid's Tale as more and more states enact laws dictating when and how women may utilize their reproductive rights. Mother Nature, God, ALLAH, call him her or it what you will the universal creator made

it so WOMEN were the arbiters of what

happened to a developing new life.


It is an inalienable right to liberate our loins and exercise our choices to procreate, or not to procreate, to have sex without making babies, or even if needed and chosen by us, to abort. That decision is rarely made frivolously or without cost, without emotional or spiritual cost to the woman involved, the families involved.

The government has NO place in our wombs, no right to put their laws or their nasty dirty fingers in OUR pies. A woman can and should have 100% discretion over her vagina, womb, and all contents therein! We can fan it, flaunt it, dress it up in purple feathers every Thursday if WE desire and no MAN or legislature or governmental agency should step inside our rightful thighs.

I call on on ALL women of childbearing age in America, ALL females who can procreate to LOCK it up and deny men any chance to make us pregnant and thereby take away our freedoms. If you can't touch it, we can't get pregnant and you can't make us do a damn thing involving our wombs without our consent!

Until such time as courts, congressmen and con-men in the white house stop litigating our loins, no more sex for you! Sounds drastic I know!!! but there are plenty of other ways to have fun! get creative, just don't get pregnant! get it on, just don't get him off! No Boobies for ASShats No womb in our panties for conservative religious nutbags who think they have a right to legislate our loins.

Let no man or law come between our thighs

or in our undergarments.

Hands off our Cunnies MEN,

Now & Forevermore!!!


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